Alexandra Hopf


Artist book, edition of 100, 2021, (de/en)
40 pages, bw images, softcover
21 x 14,5 cm

Programmheft“ brings to life the play „The Peasants,“ a speculative exploration of a potential collaboration between the renowned German poet and playwright Bertold Brecht and the Russian artist Kazimir Malevich as costume designer in 1927. The boundaries between the narrative of their encounter, the stage directions and the play itself are fluid. This period marked Malevich‘s return to the figurative Suprematist style, notably portraying peasants in his paintings. In that year, Kazimir Malervich returned to the figurative style of his beginnings and created paintings of peasants in the Suprematist style.

The publication contains a fragment of the script, historical source texts, photographs of the costumes, a sewing pattern and an insert.

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