Alexandra Hopf

Giacometti in the Desert (The Night)

Giacometti in the Desert (The Night), 2017, The Model, Sligo, Ireland

Giacometti in the Desert (The Night) is an ongoing and continuously changing installation, that has at the centre of its focus The Night, a lost sculpture from 1947 by the artist Alberto Giacometti.
The film Giacometti in the Desert takes place within a time span of 7 days, during which the viewer is taken on a journey to revisit various stages of GiacomettiĀ“s life. However, the coordinates have been displaced and we find ourselves instead in the American desert. There, we encounter several visions, including a night-club called Sphinx, a screening in a remote desert drive-in cinema, and a mysterious billboard rising up into the air corridor of Las Vegas.
In the search for the lost object, the iconic landscapes of the American West are highlighted by GiacomettiĀ“s memories; encircling questions of representation, matter and space-time. With every further investigation the chronology of events is blurred and we are drawn into a parallel world of historiography where the state of things and the course of events have been modified.

Watch excerpt

Poster, 2016, Fine Art Print, 100 x 70 cm

Exhibition view, Giacometti in the Desert, 2016/17
HD-DV, 2 channel, 00:16:39 min, Stereo sound

Sphinx, 2016, neon tubes, 80 x 36 cm